70 Inch VIZIO M701d-A3R Review

VIZIO M701d-A3R 70-Inch 3D Smart LED HDTV

For the past few weeks I have been nothing but seriously impressed with the 70″ VIZIO M701d-A3R 3D Smart TV.  This thing is huge and beautiful.  I upgraded after reading a VIZIO M701d-A3R review that talked about how this TV it’s like a movie theater experience and I couldn’t agree more.  Moving up from a 55 inch TV the difference in size is incredibly noticeable and downright staggering.  It has every feature that I could possibly want in a new HDTV and the picture quality is equally as impressive as it’s tremendous size.

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VIZIO M701d-A3R, Big in All Ways

The 70 inch VIZIO M701d-A3R is my first VIZIO TV and had some initial reservations about buying a TV without seeing it in person first.  But after doing a ton of homework on it and reading every review possible it was the clear winner for my budget.  Yes it’s a budget TV but only when you compare it to the other 70 inch TV’s out there where the prices become unreal.  I would however never call it a budget TV as there is nothing budget about except it’s relative price tag.  Everything about the M701dA3R  is well built and put together.  It’s extremely slim yet sturdy and has great finishing details, it’s beautiful just sitting on it’s stand.

VIZIO M701d-A3R ReviewWhere the VIZIO M701d-A3R really stands out is in the picture quality department where it just shines.  No matter if it’s 2D or 3D everything is clean and crisp 1080p with no issues of motion blurring whatsoever.  The internet smart capabilities work as advertised but I’d suggest hooking up your ethernet cable directly to the TV instead of using the wireless option.  To be fair my wireless router is quite aways  from my TV so that might be why I have some poor performance when streaming HD content.

The VIZIO M701d-A3R is a Clear Winner

When you step up to the 70+ inch range in televisions things escalate pretty quickly.  A quick glance around the store and you’ll find that the prices start to skyrocket once you pass 65 inches.  Here is where the beauty of the VIZIO M701d-A3R lies in the fact that it’s an obtainable TV for the money without having to sacrifice must have features and great picture quality.

VIZIO has been known for years now to be going head to head with the big boys and beating them at the pricing game.  This year’s M-Series is the first time that VIZIO has headed into the 70″+ territory and it’s a welcomed sight.  If you want the biggest without spending the most then the VIZIO M701d-A3R is your clear winner.

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