47 Inch VIZIO M471i-A2 Review

VIZIO M471i-A2 47-Inch Smart LED HDTV

After having the 47″ VIZIO M471i-A2 Smart LED TV in my home for the past couple of weeks I probably can’t say enough good things about it.  Even reading any of the VIZIO M471i-A2 reviews you’ll find it very hard to hear any real negatives as this HDTV hits all the sweet spots when it comes to shopping for a new TV.  Beautiful picture, smart apps, and a price that keeps it well beyond competitive with similar sized TV’s make the VIZIO M471i-A2 a very easy choice.

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VIZIO M471i-A2 Image Quality

The 47 inch VIZIO M471i-A2 is apart of the new M Series from VIZIO and it’s about as good as it gets.  VIZIO has really upped the ante with this series as it’s a serious competitor with slick looks and an impressive image.  The 1080p coupled with the 120Hz refresh rates makes for a remarkably smooth and clear picture.  No hints of ghosting, blurring, or jagged edges here.  Just great HD quality all around.

VIZIO M471i-A2 ReviewWhat I appreciate about the M471iA2 is the fact that it doesn’t have 3D which kept down the costs.  Instead, I bought a 3D blu ray player and works like a charm.  I highly suggest this trick as you can save a considerable amount opting out of having the 3D built in to the TV.  Also, you’ll want a blu ray player to really get the most out of this TV as it’s stunning.

The VIZIO apps work great and there’s a lot to choose from.  If you’re into netflix, facebook, pandora, and etc you will have plenty to play with.  The interface and navigation is simple enough and doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of which is nice.

The VIZIO M471i-A2 A Smart Choice

Shopping for a new TV can be difficult but the VIZIO M471i-A2 makes your decision a little bit easier.  Easily under pricing most other TV’s in it’s class it immediately becomes a very attractive option.  With it’s good looks and performance it’s really hard to pass up.

VIZIO has been gaining more and more ground every year and seemingly producing better TV’s each time.  While doing so they keep the costs down and the features high which is a refreshing thing to see in the HDTV world.  For that fact alone I highly recommend the VIZIO M471i-A2 to anyone who is on a budget but still wants the most for their money.

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