50 Inch TCL LE50FHDE3010 Review

TCL LE50FHDE3010 50 inch LED HDTV

The 50″ TCL LE50FHDE3010 LED HDTV is already a hit at my house.  I didn’t think I had the budget for a TV this big but I was really surprised when I saw the price, it was hard to pass up.  There was only one other TCL LE50FHDE3010 review when I looked it up but I figured I could always just return the TV if I really didn’t like it, wouldn’t have been the first time.  I’m happy to say that this television is going nowhere except staying exactly right where it is.  It really might be the best 50 inch TV for the price as I couldn’t find anything close when I was shopping.

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TCL LE50FHDE3010 Features

TCL LE50FHDE3010 ReviewLet’s get something straight right off the bat, the TCL LE50FHDE3010 doesn’t have that many features.  Remember when a TV used to be a TV? Well the TCL LE50FHDE3010 is exactly that.  If you’re looking for 3D or built in wifi you’ll have to look somewhere else and trust me it will cost you.  One little trick I took advantage of was the fact that I bought a blu ray player that has built in wifi so now I technically have a smart TV, pretty clever huh?

The fact that it’s such a bare bones TV really keeps the cost down but don’t think for a second it’s not a nice TV.  You still get a beautiful 1080p LED display that just looks down right fantastic.  So yes it’s a budget TV with little features but I wasn’t looking for all of that I just wanted a TV that was a TV and look what I got.  I think it’s a real steal and haven’t had any issues so far.

Is the TCL LE50FHDE3010 the Best Budget TV?

There’s a strong case for the TCL LE50FHDE3010 as the best budget TV, especially at 50 inches.  One only has to shop around for a half hour to realize that these sized TV’s can be quite expensive.  TCL’s approach was to make it a bare bones TV that still has a great picture quality and I believe they have certainly done that.  If you’re on a budget but want to get the biggest TV possible then the TCL LE50FHDE3010 is it, plain and simple.

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