Sony VPL-BW120S Review

Sony VPL-BW120S 2600lm Home Theater Projector

The Sony VPL-BW120S 2600lm Projector is the newest addition to my home theater and I’m quite happy with it.  I’ve had an up and down opinion of HD projectors over the past few years but the Sony VPL-BW120S met all of the criteria that I was looking for in a projector.  It had to be 1080p, a great picture, bright, and under $1000 which was the budget that I wanted to stick to.  The Sony VPL-BW120S met each of these points and renewed my faith in having a projector over a HDTV.

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Sony VPL-BW120S Key Features

Sony VPL-BW120S ReviewThe Sony VPL-BW120S works so well for me because my home theater isn’t the largest space around, it roughly measures 11′ x 20′ so the “short throw” technology in this projector came in extremely handy.  For those who don’t know about short throw projecting it means that the protector can be closer to your wall but still project a large image.  This is crucial if you have a small space.  The 2600 lumens is plenty bright for my theater and I actually have to turn down the brightness!  Keep in mind I can get my theater room pitch black so if you are using the Sony VPLBW120S in a normal room all that brightness will work very well if you have windows or other light sources.  Another plus is that this doesn’t need to be mounted if you just want to put it on a table in front of you.  This also means you can easily take it outside or move it around your house very easily.

Sony VPL-BW120S Picture Quality

This is where the Sony VPL-BW120S sold me and renewed my faith in HD projectors.  The picture quality on this projector is simply gorgeous.  In the past I’ve always had an issue with poor contrast and black levels with projectors but the Sony VPL-BW120S exceeded my expectations with the picture that it delivers.  The black levels are deep and the colors are true with razor edge detailing.  I’ve been very happy so far with this projector and supposedly it has a longer life bulb in it which is nice for a change.  If you’re looking for the best projector under $1000 the Sony VPL-BW120S is a great choice.

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