65 Inch Sony KDL65W850A Review

Sony KDL65W850A 65-Inch 3D LED HDTV

I recently bought the 65 inch Sony KDL65W850A 3D Smart TV and have been simply impressed with it every day.  I’ve had my eye on this TV for awhile so when it was released and I found a Sony KDL65W850A review that had it pegged as Sony’ best 1080p TV.  I bought it immediately.  After having it for a couple of weeks now I completely agree with the review I read as I too believe this is Sony’s best 1080p TV.  I wasn’t quite ready to make the jump to 4K or ready to pay the big price tag for it so this TV is absolutely perfect for my needs and family.

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Sony KDL65W850A Image Quality

Image quality is the sole reason I bought the Sony KDL65W850A as I’m big on having the nicest display.  The 3D and apps are great and all but the image quality is where this TV really shines.  I almost bought the W900A a couple of months ago but I had the feeling(along with many others) that the W850A was going to top it, and it did in my opinion.  The fact that the W900A only comes in a 55 inch size was also a turnoff for me as well.

Sony KDL65W850A ReviewThe Sony KDL65W850A is as good as it gets in the world of 1080p.  I think the only way you could do any better would be to move up to one of Sony’s 4K TV like the Sony XBR65X850A but you’re going to be spending a lot more money to do so.

The color, sharpness, and overall color tones are easy the best I’ve seen on a TV.  The 3D is spot on even though it is active 3D.  I wish it was passive 3D but it’s not a deal breaker for me.  This is my first TV with Sony’s TRILUMINOS display and can say that there is definitely a notable difference.  The smart phone integration is pretty cool and the apps work as advertised.

Who the Sony KDL65W850A is For

I’ve already recommended the Sony KDL65W850A to a few friends of mine.  I see this being the best 1080p television out there bar none.  As I said earlier in my review you would have to step up to a 4K TV to out do this one but that comes at a big price that I wasn’t willing to pay.  If you want the best Sony has to offer then definitely check out the Sony KDL65W850A, you won’t be disappointed.

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