50 Inch Sony KDL50R450A Review

Sony KDL50R450A 50-inch-HDTV

I purchased the 50″ Sony KDL50R450A LED TV recently as it was a deal too good to pass up.  I wasn’t looking for a 3D TV or a smart TV.  I just wanted a 50″+ display that looked really great.  The Sony KDL50R450A reviews were all positive and it sounded like a lot of the reviews reiterated the same thing I was after, a quality image.  Being my first TV that I’ve bought online without seeing it in person first I was a little nervous but I’ve owned a couple of Sony televisions in the past and was really happy with all of them.  The real thing that sealed the deal for me was the price was well under what I was looking to spend.

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Sony KDL50R450A Image Quality

Sony KDL50R450A ReviewThe Sony KDL50R450A boils down to image quality.  There are no big features or add on’s like 3D or wifi.  Call me old school but I wanted a TV that just looked great.  I’m happy to write in this review that it’s a beautiful image.  Clear and very smooth motion.  The colors are true to life while the brightness and contrast are impressive for an LED display.

That’s where I feel you’re getting your money’s worth with the KDL50R450A in the fact that you’re not paying for additional features.  I’ve never really been a fan of smart TV’s as nothing will replace my iPad or laptop when I’m sitting down watching TV.  When it comes to 3D, I can do without it, easily.

Beyond the image quality the Sony KDL50R450A was easy to set up and get it going.  Being my first TV delivered to my house I was surprised to how well it was packaged.  Everything was really simple and the TV looks great sitting on it’s stand.  It’s not the thinnest TV in the world but it’s plenty thin enough for me.

The Sony KDL50R450A’s Target Audience

I was right up Sony’s alley when they made the Sony KDL50R450A as it’s exactly what I was looking for.  It’s an affordable gorgeous looking television without all the gizmos and gadgets added on that drive up the price.  This TV was well below my $1000 budget and I was able to upgrade my surround sound system, how awesome is that?  At 50 inches it’s a real steal and is top notch Sony quality.  If you’re looking for something similar the Sony KDL50R450A is a very smart choice.

List Price: $599.99 USD

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