60 Inch LG 60PH6700 Review

LG 60PH6700 60-Inch 3D Smart Plasma HDTV

The 60″ LG 60PH6700 3D Smart HDTV is an easy winner in my book even though it’s my first LG TV.  I read a LG 60PH6700 review where the guy said it changed his life.  Now it’s a really great TV but life changing?  We will see over the next year but for the past couple of weeks I’ve been extremely impressed with everything the LG 60PH6700 does.  It’s also my first 3D smart TV and I have found everything easy to use and get around.  I did go over my $1000 budget but just barely as the quality of this TV fully justified the added investment.

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LG 60PH6700 Key Features

The 60 inch LG 60PH6700 is a 1080p plasma display.  I’m not going to get into any plasma vs LED vs LCD debate but I do for my own reasons love plasma TVs.  To me the color and vibrancy is unmatched by any other form of display.  The LG 60PH6700 plasma image quality is top notch and has a real living feel to the picture.  This translates extremely well when it comes to 3D and it really pops right off the screen.  I had to invest in a couple of extra 3D glasses for the family but I was OK with that.

LG 60PH6700 ReviewI really can’t say enough great things about the picture quality as it’s simply stunning.  The 600Hz refresh rate is amazing and provides a velvety smooth image(can a TV be velvety?) and was one of the main reasons why I went with the LG 60PH6700 over other comparable HDTVs.

The built in wifi, internet, and apps are a welcomed feature in my home.  At first I thought I would just use it here and there but after getting it set up I’m surprised to how much I use the smart apps, they are fantastic.  Netflix, Facebook, Pandora, all work great and I’m constantly finding new apps to play with.

Who the LG 60PH6700 is For

For me the LG 60PH6700 is the perfect size for a main viewing TV that you can have in your living room or family room.  The TV itself is nice looking and I might get it mounted on the wall down the road and make it a real piece of furniture in the living room.  If you’re looking for a big screen 3D smart TV then the LG 60PH6700 is an absolutely excellent choice that I highly recommend.

List Price: $1,599.99 USD

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