55 Inch LG 55LM4700 Review

LG 55LM4700 55 inch 1080p 3D TV

When I opened the box to set up my brand new LG 55LM4700 3D TV, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I guess you never do, really. Let’s face it: All TVs look about the same until you turn them on, and the LG 55LM4700 is no different in that regard. But only in that regard. Once I got all the wires wired, plus plugged, and seals unsealed, I popped some batteries into the remote, popped a DVD into the player I’d just linked up, sat down, and, honestly, had my mind blown.

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 What the LG 55LM4700 Brings to the Table

I guess I had my eyes blown, to be proper. The LG 55LM4700 produces impressive visuals, in keeping with its 1080p full HD output. While the image didn’t initially seem as bright as I’d expected it, it was clearer than anything I’d experienced before. And, as it turns out, the brightness issue is easy to fix by just re-calibrating the television. If you make sure to do that, you should be just fine.The most impressive visual feature of the LG 55LM4700 wasn’t the high definition, though, but the 3D capabilities.

LG 55LM4700 Review. . . Yeah. 3D capabilities. It’s like having a whole new dimension of entertainment on your couch. Literally. While I’m not really one for the whole 3D glasses thing, it’s definitely an experience, and combined with the 1080p clarity, is probably something you’ll take advantage of more than you might expect at first.

 Surprising High Resolution Sound

While we typically only think of visuals as having resolution, sound does too. That’s why there are so many digital file formats out there – MP3 vs FLAC, for instance. Unfortunately, most headphones and reproduction devices don’t make the difference apparent. Lucky for me, though, the LG 55LM4700 has a powerful sound system that makes listening to your movies as pleasant as watching them.

And for you gamers out there – well, I won’t even get started. But trust me – the TV alone is an experience. Hooking it up to a high-fidelity surround sound system, though, is like sitting in a movie theater.  Or in the middle of the football field. Or in the middle of the battlefield.

The LG 55LM4700 is just a great sized TV and with it’s 3D and great picture quality it’s such an awesome experience.  For anyone who is looking to upgrade to a really nice TV the LG 55LM4700 is it.

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