47 Inch LG 47LM4700 Review

LG 47LM4700 47 inch 3D TV

If you’re looking for the perfect television that delivers the kind of crisp and lifelike HD while also packing some of the most innovative technologies to hit TV sets in years, then you need to check out the LG 47LM4700 3D TV.  This is my first LG TV and I’ve been really impressed with everything this TV has brought to my living room.  Even though there were not a lot of LG 47LM4700 reviews I’ve been really happy with my decision and the price was right in my ballpark.

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Why I Chose the LG 47LM4700

In a world that has seen an incredibly amount of innovation and change in just the past few decades alone, the truth of the matter is that nothing has evolved quite as rapid as technology. This is especially true in the world of televisions – I should know, having spent months look through all of the different offerings hoping to find just the right set for my needs. And while at first I found the overwhelming choice to be more than little frustrating, it wasn’t long until the LG 47LM4700 stepped out from the pack and was the obvious choice for my new television.

Having jumped in to the flat screen TV world a couple of years ago, I didn’t really expect the process to be quite this difficult – but with all of the choices it was enough to make my head spin. Because my old TV had outlived its usefulness (and because I’d heard amazing things about 3D TVs), there were a  couple of things on my must have list that the LG 47LM4700 had to meet:

LG 47LM4700 Review

-  I wanted a set that was at least 42 inches big

-  I need it to use LED technology for the energy savings

-  I wanted an amazing picture quality

-  And it had to have incredible 3D capabilities

Designing the list was pretty simple, but finding the right set for my needs was anything but – until I stumbled upon the 47″ LG 47LM4700. LG has hit one out of the park with this 47 inch bad boy, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The picture quality is amazing, the set is attractive, and 3d – well, let’s just say I’m more than blown away.

LG 47LM4700 3D Quality

3D may still be a pretty green technology, but the simple fact of the matter is that LG’s utilization and implementation in the LG 47LM4700 is absolutely the best in the industry.  A lot of the sets I looked at had a problem with displaying 3D – sure, the images would pop out of the screen, but there was a weird ghosting effect that really left me feeling a little queasy. The LG 47LM4700 brings full 3D to the table and it’s the best I’ve ever experienced – no motion sickness at all, just fluid 3D motion. I love it!

If you’re looking for a great performing 3D TV at this great size and price then for sure pick up the LG 47LM4700.

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